Daily archives: July 5th, 2013

Office 365 is turning Hungarian

Really bizarre error has turned up in the Term Store for my company’s instance of Sharepoint Online.

Listed under Department we now have the following Hungarian terms and their English equivalents as translated by Bing Translator

Alföldi Retail Régió – Great Plains Region Retail
Dunántúli Retail Régió – The Population Of The Retail Region
Hitelezési Kockázati Metodológiák szakterület – Credit Risk Methodologies practice areas
Nagyvállalati Finanszírozás törzs – Enterprise Financing body
Okmányos Műveletek szakterület – Documentary Operations Specialist
Wholesale vezérigazgató-helyettes törzs – Deputy General Manager of Wholesale trunk

I think Bing has mistranslated Dunántúli though, I think it should read Transdanubian. Regardless I have no idea how they got into our Sharepoint.


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