BSkyB and Microsoft in trademark dispute over SkyDrive

Ars Technica reports that Microsoft is in danger of losing “SkyDrive” name in UK following a ruling Friday by Justice Sarah Asplin of the England and Wales High Court.

The ruling agrees with BSkyB’s argument that Microsoft’s use of the name SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service for both consumers and business customers, infringed on the company’s “Sky” trademarks.

This is just yet another blow in the long-running battle between Microsoft and BSkyB over the SkyDrive name. In November 2007 Microsoft tried to get a European trademark for the SkyDrive name but this was successfully opposed by BSkyB.

Microsoft is not going to give up the name yet, though. In a statement reported by TechCrunch, Microsoft said, “The decision is one step in the legal process and Microsoft intends to appeal.”