Running FreeFTPd as a service (the reality)

I wrote earlier about how easy it is to install FreeFTPd to run as a service.

However running it as a service is in practice a major pain in the neck. In order to edit the settings and add new accounts you need to launch the application from the desktop or start menu which will then run as a separate instance running under your user account.

Any changes made here should be transferred to an instance that runs as service.

Getting it to work reliably means doing the following.

  1. Open up services.msc and stop the FreeFTPd service.
  2. Launch FreeFTPd from Start Menu
  3. Reconfigure and make sure that you Apply and Save changes.
  4. Open Task Manager and stop the FreeFTPd process that is running under your user account.
  5. Start the FreeFTPd service in the Services mmc.
  6. Test connection to server.
  7. Repeat the above steps until it actually works.