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Huge collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you

Microsoft are giving away more eBooks. Previous ebook giveaways

I grabbed Administrator’s Guide for Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset and TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows.

The New VDI Reality

I read the excellent book The VDI Delusion by Brian Madden at about this time last year.

Brian in hindsight doesn’t think that they picked the best title as it may have scared people off.

The second edition is now available to download for free in either .pdf or .mobi formats and it has had a change of title to The New VDI Reality.

I haven’t had much of a chance to read it yet, but Brian says that there has been substantial rewrites of significant portions of the book in line with the great improvements in the underlying technology for VDI.

Finished The VDI Delusion by J…

Finished The VDI Delusion by Jack Madden et al. and gave it 5 stars #Kindle