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60 Days to MCSE

I discovered the 60 Days to MCSE challenge a little too late to participate along with those who had planned to achieve their goal of passing all the necessary exams for the MCSE: Private Cloud certification.

As the beta exams for and were available during TechEd 2012 which finished just a couple of days ago there are I hope many success stories to be heard in the forum over the next few days.

I’m taking up the challenge but as I already have my MCSA: Windows Server 2008 and MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization certifications I only need to pass the Exam 70-246: Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 in order to become a MCSE: Private Cloud.

I don’t think that it is too much of a challenge to study for and pass this exam by the middle of August especially with the excellent resources available already from Microsoft.
Microsoft Virtual Academy
Microsoft Private Cloud Guided Labs
Private Cloud Evaluation Guide (pdf)
System Center 2012: Monitoring and Operations Tips and Advice (video)

Then after that perhaps the MCSE: Server Infrastructure

I’ll post about my progress and any other useful resources that I find, I’m sure that the videos of the TechEd sessions will soon be made available for example.

Links of the week 27/01/12

After terrific year, music biz demands that world adopt SOPA plus
Despite growth in online revenues the IFPI pushes for yet more legislation to be adopted by governments worldwide.

The President’s Post-SOPA Challenge: All Right, You Come Up with a Solution!
Having upset Hollywood with the White House’s opposition to SOPA the President seeks some appeasement by asking for solutions from the tech industry that won’t break the internet.

New Righthaven offers hosting service “with a spine”
Swiss ISP that purchased domain from failed copyright troll uses it to launch a web-hosting service.

Google Reincarnates Dead Paper Mill as Data Center of Future
Google uses the frigid nature of the Baltic Sea to cool one of its new data centres.

Disappointing Ruling in Compelled Laptop Decryption Case
Colorado judge rules that a defendant cannot receive protection under the fifth amendment to prevent being compelled to reveal her decryption key.

Why History Needs Software Piracy
Without software piracy we would have lost our digital heritage.

EMI Boss Opposes SOPA, Says Piracy is a Service Issue
EMI’s VP of Urban Promotions Craig Davis believes that the key to solving piracy isn’t legislation, but innovation.

I do believe that a person should be compensated for their work. I feel that piracy is a big issue, and things like Spotify will assist in combating this problem,

London cyber-security conference

London has begun a two-day international conference focused on the threat from cyber-security attacks.

Representatives of 60 nations gathered to discuss how to tackle the rising levels of cyber-crime.

I hope when they discuss cyber-crime that they aren’t focusing on intellectual property because the actual financial cost of copyright infringement as opposed to the trumped up figures given by the media pales in comparison with the real costs of cyber-crime such as fraud and identity theft.