I use the Spiceworks app as an IT systems management and inventory tool in my company but until recently have only participated in the community very rarely.

Things have changed since they launched their new style of profile page which allows community members to create a ‘portfolio’ of IT projects that they’ve worked on or led.

Spiceworks profile

Eli Etherton believes that they are better than a résumé for IT professionals and I’d be inclined to agree to some extent. For more senior technical roles it is crucial to be able to demonstrate experience with the relevant technologies and it is difficult to condense some IT projects into a bullet point. I can easily sum up one project e.g. Migrated 85 mailboxes into Office 365 Exchange Online.

But setting up a branch office and all that actually entailed is more difficult and the Spiceworks profile allows me to flesh out and illustrate the project.

There is a downside and that is will the recruitment process actually allow me to show off my skills and experience through this new means. Recruitment Agencies and Human Resources departments will favour CVs and LinkedIn profiles because they are the tools that they use and they act as gatekeepers between the IT professional that is seeking a new employee and the IT professional that is seeking a new role.